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Hi everyone! In honor of hitting 2k a few weeks ago, here’s a giveaway to thank all of my lovely followers!

The Rules
  • Must be following me. This is a giveaway to thank my followers, so I will be checking to make sure.
  • Go on ahead and check out my ceramics blog.
  • Must reblog this post.
  • Have your askbox/submit open, please.
The Prize

Handmade Supernatural mug, featuring Ruby’s Knife, an Angel Blade, and the Anti-Possession Symbol. Text: “Saving People Hunting Things.

More Details
  • One winner, chosen with a random number generator.
  • Can reblog as many times as you want. 
  • Giveaway blogs do not qualify.
  • I will ship internationally, so anyone can enter!
  • Ends May 29th (don’t worry, it’s not that random. it’s my birthday).

Thank you all so much for following and good luck!!

castiel + weapons


Heaven is empty.  All the angels are here.

"My grace. It’s - energy. Hacked it out and fell."